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(V) PaulC2K
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Posted April 30th, 2016

Anyone heard of it? Seems like a nice blend between Freelancer (3rd person ships, zones of space, similar combat) and FTL (loot, upgrades, dying=start again), and has a very simplified SC sort of feel to it.

Official Website

Ooh, it has 1st person view too. Its early in alpha, but seems pretty impressive and like it'd be fun to play as it is, but they're playing the 'pay nearly double for beta access, and 2.5x more for alpha' bullshit, and while the pre-order is €5 cheaper (€25) than RRP if im waiting say 12mo to play it, i'll wait another 6mo and get it for half that during its inevitable steam sale.

(V) Erratic69
Mercury Rising



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Posted May 7th, 2016

Pure combat isnt for me as im not that interested in that aspect of space games.
Graphics looks good though :)